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St. Paul's Cathedral


St. Pauls's cathedral

With a height of 110 meters, St Paul's Cathedral in London is the second largest cathedral in the world, just behind St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. This cathedral is the masterpiece of Christopher Wren.

The site in which the Cathedral of St. Paul is located has been occupied by religious buildings since time immemorial, since it was the place chosen to place a dolmen and later a Greek temple. The temple was replaced by the oldest church in England, built in 604.

The cathedral, built in wood, was one of the many buildings affected by the fire of 1666 and had to be rebuilt in different occasions until becoming the impressive present building, erected between 1676 and 1710.

Since its construction, St. Paul's Cathedral has been the venue for important events such as the funeral of Winston Churchill or the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.
St. Paul inside

St. Paul's Cathedral is a huge cross-shaped temple with a striking decoration, especially on the beautiful ceilings decorated with frescoes.

It is advisable to make the visit with the help of the free audio guide that is given at the entrance, as it narrates all the details of interest about each corner of the cathedral.
The dome

Probably the greatest attraction of the cathedral is its large dome, composed of three circular galleries. After an ascent of 257 steps you can reach the first one, the Gallery of the Whispers, located 30 meters high. It is a place with incredible acoustics in which you can hear even the smallest sound produced at the opposite end of the dome.

After climbing 376 steps, you will reach the Stone Gallery, which offers pleasant views from outside the dome, although these are surpassed by those of the Galerie Dorada, located 85 meters high.

The crypt

The entrails of St. Paul's Cathedral are pierced into a large crypt in which some fragments of the previous temples and different monuments and memorials are preserved, as well as the remains of some great British figures such as Nelson, Wellington or Churchill.


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