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HMS Belfast


HMS Belfast

The ship HMS Belfast is a floating museum anchored on the River Thames which forms an important part of the Imperial War Museum. Through its extensive exhibits, the ship shows the different aspects of life on the high seas during its participation in World War II.

Launched in 1938, the ship became a powerful destroyer that would serve Britain for 32 years, during which it gained special relevance thanks to its participation in World War II and the Korean War.

After the end of the war, between 1950 and 1960 the destroyer changed the reason for its existence and was dedicated to the accomplishment of humanitarian actions.

The ship remained in the service of the navy of Great Britain until 1965 and, after being retired of the active service, in 1971 began its new stage like floating museum.

The tour through the nine decks of the ship is made in the company of an audio guide that tells the remarkable historical and military facts in which it was involved, as well as some anecdotes through which you can learn curious data such as, In the past, it was normal to carry cats on board to control rodent pests.

During the visit to the ship the parts of the ship where the life on board took place, such as the staterooms in which the sailors stayed, the kitchen, the infirmary, the dentist's room or the cellar, as well as the rooms Which operated the ship, such as the boiler room and the huge engine room.

Through the control room, the captain's cabin and the guns used to fight against air strikes, it is possible to see the great scale of the operations carried out with HMS Belfast during its active years.

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