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Tower Bridge


Tower bridge

Tower Bridge is without any doubt one of the most prominent symbols of London. This Victorian striking drawbridge, is located next to the London’s Tower.

As London expanded, it was necessary to build several bridges linking the two banks of the Thames.

The first bridge that was constructed was the Bridge of London (London Bridge), followed by others that were placed to the west of the same so as not to obstruct the zone of the port.

During the 19th century there was a great growth in the bridge’s east side and it became necessary to build a new step. In order not to affect the growing river traffic, the decision was made to create a drawbridge powered by steam engines, which would be completed in 1894, after 8 years of construction.

In 1910, the elevated walkways of the bridge were closed to the public, since the majority of the people chose to wait for the bridge to descend again.

In 1982, the footbridges were covered and since then they are part of the exhibition that offers the interior of Tower Bridge.
Tower Bridge Tourism

The visit to the Tower Bridge exhibition shows how the bridge lift system was built from its construction until 1976, by means of a steam engine, and its subsequent replacement by an electrical system.

The rest of the exhibition is concerned with highlighting the importance of the Tower Bridge in the history of the city. Along the upper walkways you can also see the photos of the most emblematic bridges in the world among which, without a doubt, Tower Bridge is included.
Symbol of the city

Tower Bridge is many times confused with London Bridge, a more austere construction, located to the east side of Tower Bridge, that was first to be constructed to unite the two banks of the Thames.


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