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Kensington Palace


Kensington Palace

Located in Kensington Gardens, Kensington Palace has been the residence of the British monarchy for more than 300 years.

This huge country house built in red brick was reformed in 1689 to become the home of the monarchy for several generations.

Over the years, Kensington Palace has welcomed generations of the royal family, from William III, to the late Lady Diana, to Queen Victoria.

Like St. Paul's Cathedral, Kensington Palace was designed by Christopher Wren.
A walk in the palace

The palace allows to satisfy the curiosity of its visitors, who will be able to tour the ancient private stays of the royalty, sample of the luxury and the exuberance in which they lived. With its attractive structure perfectly preserved, the walls of the palace keep stories that are shown through the expositions of letters, jewelry, dresses, tapestries and numerous articles guarded with suspicion.

The recently restored palace has a new exhibition on Queen Victoria and a small section dedicated to Princess Diana of Wales. The palace grounds make up a small oasis of tranquility in the midst of the bustling city, while the Orangery offers the possibility of having tea in the purest London style.


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