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Covent Garden


Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of the most charming districts in all of London. In this lively area street performers strive to maintain a lively atmosphere while visitors browse the shops and markets, or enjoy a coffee on one of the pleasant terraces.

The history of the present Covent Garden square began in the 17TH century, when the district passed from the hands of the Westminster monks to be owned by the Earls of Bedford. In 1631 works began to convert the area of cultivation into a public area.

In 1660 a large market of flowers, fruits and vegetables was created which made the neighborhood famous and, at the beginning of the 19th century, the appearance of the square was modified by the construction of three covered pavilions that came to house the market.

In 1974 the building of the market was rehabilitated to be transformed into a commercial area that has remained until today, attracting both tourists and Londoners with its bohemian and welcoming air.
Covent Garden today

Today Covent Garden continues to be a very special neighborhood, lively at any time of the day. In the area, you can enjoy the fashionable shops located on Floral Street, or from the small stalls of master craftsmen on the covered commercial area.

It is also possible to spend a pleasant evening having coffee at one of the many venues, visiting the Museum of London Transport or attending one of the functions of the Royal Opera House. If you can visit the area on a Thursday, the Piazza is filled with stalls of candy and craft cakes, and some others that prepare delicious food at the time.


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