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The Monument


The Monument

The Monument to the Great Fire of London, better known as "The Monument", was built between 1671 and 1677 to remember the Great Fire of London and celebrate the rebuilding of the city.

The Monument is a large Doric stone column 61 meters high crowned by a fire-shaped urn, representing the Great Fire of London in 1666. The 61 meters in height of the column coincide with the distance it is Of the place where the fire began, the Thomas Farynor bakery.

At the base of the monument there are some bas-reliefs representing the beginning of the fire, the destruction of the city, its subsequent reconstruction and the construction of the monument.

Through a narrow spiral staircase of 311 steps you can reach the top of the monument to enjoy the views of the Tower Bridge area from the heights.

The Monument has one of the saddest chapters in London history, so it deserves a visit and some photos, although we think it is not worth climbing the 311 narrow stairs because the views leave much to be desired. If you go up to the monument, when you go down you will be given a document accrediting such an event.

To continue with the history of the Great Fire of London it is a good idea to visit "The Golden Boy of Pye Corner", which marks the place where the fire ended. It is located at the junction between Giltspur Street and Cock Lane.

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