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Shakespeare's Globe Theater


Shakespeare's Globe Theater

The Shakespeare's Globe Theater is a faithful reproduction of the theater built in 1599, in which Shakespeare performed his most renowned works. Located less than 200 meters from the original venue, the theater was built from different sources of information that managed to create a building virtually identical to the original.

The original theater was built in 1599 for the theater company of William Shakespeare. Many of his masterpieces were created to be represented in the Globe, making it one of the most successful theaters in London.

In 1613 one of the representations was plunged into chaos when the thatched roof began to burn and the fire ended up destroying the theater.

On the same ground a second theater was constructed that served like seat of the company of Shakespeare until 1642, when all the theaters of the city were closed by the English Puritan Administration. When it was out of use, in 1644 the theater was demolished.

In 1949 the actor, director and producer Sam Wanamaker made a trip to London and, after disappointingly observing how only one commemorative plaque remained as a tribute to Shakespeare, in 1970 he began to raise funds for the reconstruction of the theater. After his death, in 1997 the faithful reproduction of the theater building was completed.

Today the Shakespeare Globe Theater offers plays from May to October as did its predecessor in Shakespeare's time. In addition to the works, the theater can be traced through guided tours in which the stands are shown, divided into zones of different prices depending on the social class that frequented them. During the visits you can also see the stage and its secret trappings that made the characters of Shakespeare, both from heaven and hell.
Better to see a work

Although the interior of the Shakespeare Globe Theater is impressive, the visits are conducted with an English speaking guide and, although a booklet with information in Spanish is delivered, sitting on the stage while doing the explanations can be a bit boring for the People who do not understand the language.


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