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Big Ben


Big ben

Known as Big Ben, the famous clock of the Houses of Parliament is one of the most famous symbols of London.

The tower, built in 1858 next to the new Palace of Westminster, is a peculiar building of 106 meters high built in a Gothic style that houses four huge clocks on their faces.

Although generally speaking when we talk about Big Ben we refer to the Clock Tower of the London Parliament building, this denomination is not quite accurate, since Big Ben really is a huge 14-ton bell that is inside the tower.
A watch with English punctuality

The clock of the Tower of the Big Ben, composed by a clock of 7 meters of diameter in each one of its faces, was put in march in May of 1859. Nowadays it has become a symbol of the nation and its bells are Transmitted daily by the BBC radio network.

It is one of the most reliable watches that exist, as it is able to withstand the inclement weather such as snow or wind, and even endured the German bombing during World War II, keeping its punctuality intact.

Although there are few occasions in which Big Ben has suffered incidences in its punctuality, English citizens will not be able to forget that New Year's Eve of 1962 in which they entered with 10 minutes of delay in the new year due to some technical failures produced in the Big Ben.


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