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Chinatown is located in the heart of Soho. London's Chinatown is characterized by its shops, restaurants and, in general, its atmosphere.

Chinatown is not lacking in history. The original area was in the east part of London, where thousands of Chinese sailors began to concentrate in the late eighteenth century. They had been hired in China, but for various reasons they had to stay in London.

By the year 1914, 30 Chinese businesses had opened in Limehouse, most of them to supply the sailors themselves. During World War II the area was destroyed and to find work in the navy was mission impossible for the foreigners.

In the middle of the twentieth century the Chinese who remained in London suffered serious hardship. Fortunately for them, the soldiers returning from Asia were eager to continue tasting Asian food. At that time the first restaurants were opened on Gerrard Street, a street with an international reputation for gastronomy.

The popularity of Chinese restaurants attracted large Asian entrepreneurs who turned the area into the current Chinatown.


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